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Net Zero Webinar

Aligning Corporate Vision With Today’s Decarbonization Realities

On March 7, 2024, sustainability experts from ENGIE Impact, Kraft Heinz, Intel and Danone gathered for an illuminating one-hour session, delving into the critical findings extracted from ENGIE Impact's 2024 Net Zero Report — our annual snapshot of global decarbonization progress.

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Event Highlights

Why Watch?

Gain a nuanced understanding of key findings and trends shaping the global decarbonization landscape.

Explore how leading organizations are strategically revisiting fundamental aspects of their business models to overcome significant barriers hindering decarbonization progress.

See industry experts share insights, strategies, and best practices in navigating the complexities of sustainability.

Leverage the invaluable insights derived from our 2024 Net Zero Report.


Abby Davidson

Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions

ENGIE Impact

David Shaw

ESG Director &
Global Net Zero Lead

The Kraft Heinz Company

Todd Brady

Vice President, Global Public Affairs & Chief Sustainability Officer

Intel Corporation

Kristiyana Nikolova

Positive Impact
Operations Director


Report Highlights

Based on surveys of more than 500 senior decision-makers from large global organizations, this year’s report identified trends both encouraging and troubling. The share of companies rating their sustainability programs as either “extremely” or “considerably” successful has significantly increased from a combined total of 28% in 2020 to 68% today. Additionally, half of companies (52%) are already making fundamental changes to their business model to achieve long-term decarbonization commitments.

However, many organizations continue to approach decarbonization as a limited, narrow initiative instead of the transformational, whole-business approach it needs to be. And majority of companies acknowledge they still need to integrate “significant change” or “complete transformation” of some fundamental business practices — including technology and data, sourcing and supply chain, employee skillsets, and even the products and services they offer — to reach their long-term decarbonization commitments.

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