2024 Net Zero Report

2024 Net Zero Report

Aligning Corporate Vision With Decarbonization Realities

Pioneering organizations are gaining a competitive edge through a whole-business approach to corporate decarbonization. Our most recent Net Zero Report explores whether companies are making the necessary fundamental changes to their business in order to achieve long-term decarbonization success.

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Report Highlights

Understand how to overcome barriers and reap the benefits of whole business decarbonization transformation. In this report you’ll learn expert insights, such as:

The need for a transformative approach to decarbonization
The current state of corporate decarbonization, including year-over-year trends
The most common inhibitors to decarbonization, and how a holistic approach helps overcome them
Actionable steps for building a truly transformational corporate decarbonization program

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Corporate decarbonization is not a self-contained, temporary initiative. It is the cornerstone of what will be new ways of working. Just as the evolution of the internet and digital technologies changed nearly every aspect of how organizations conduct business today, decarbonization is transforming how organizations operate and engage with their customers, staff, and suppliers.


Only 20% of companies say they 

are “meeting or exceeding” their ambitious decarbonization goals

Decarbonization is, and will continue to be, disruptive.

According to our research1, half of companies (52%) are already in the process of making fundamental changes to their business model to achieve long-term decarbonization commitments. But a majority of companies also expect future “significant change” or “complete transformation” of fundamental business practices — including technology and data, sourcing and supply chain, employee skillsets, and even the products and services they offer.

Organizations acknowledging this reality will be the ones best positioned to lead in the future.

1ENGIE Impact commissioned independent research among 515 senior decision-makers through online research during Q3 2023.

What Decarbonization Decision-Makers Are Saying

The sentiment of one executive at a Mexican public sector organization neatly summarizes the challenge facing many organizations today.

“There is a great commitment, but the implementation is lacking.”

Establishing clarity of prioritization and focus is essential as one Industrials and Manufacturing executive in the Philippines validates,

“The executives and whole management focus on every
single thing regarding this matter.”

Feedback from a CFO at a leading US healthcare organization illustrates how a lack of prioritization can negatively impact decarbonization progress.

“We aren’t focused on this [decarbonization] matter at all, and if it even comes up it is in the sense that cleaner operations may cost less, be good press, and gain us government funds.”

A Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Industry (TMT) executive in Italy shares the value of business-wide efficiencies to accelerate decarbonization.

“The decarbonization process can open up new market opportunities and, above all, greater efficiency and cost reduction.”

Learn how to effectively transition your organization into one with the necessary foundational approach to decarbonization.

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